Every website is unique and everyone creating a website has different requirements when it comes to components they need in order to build their perfect website.
With that in mind, Ucraft has developed a wide range of site Elements that can be combined into Blocks.
Sometimes you are short of time and would love to have everything prearranged for you so that you don't deal with such stuff like the distance between every single element or the way they are actually positioned on your page, the Layout.

That's exactly where the Blocks section comes in handy! Here, you'll find various Blocks outlined by Ucraft Designers ready to be added to your page from the Left Panel.
To get started, click on the ‘Blocks’ icon and you’ll be offered a name list of all available block types and their examples: from Headers and Footers to Gallery, Testimonial Blocks, etc.

Just click on one of the tags (e.g. ‘Social Icons’) to find all the available options that can be used for your own site. Don’t forget to scroll down to see all the examples!

To add the block, just drag and drop it to the desired section on the Crafting Area.

Here and now, you're all set to start editing the chosen block! 

Click 'Edit Block' to change the Column Alignment in Mobile View as well as manage the Visibility Settings, whether you want them to be Always visible, Visible on Mobile or Desktop only.

Choose to 'Hide' the block from the public eye or 'Save' a specific block.

It will be stored in the Blocks Section ready to be added to your pages just like the predesigned ones.

You can also remove it completely hitting the 'Trash' icon, easy as that!

Cool, right? As you're reading this, our enthusiastic team is already working on implementing new elements, designer blocks and functionalities, so stay tuned!

For more insight on how to edit the elements within blocks, please move to the ‘Elements' section or drop us a line from the Chat box in the lower right corner!

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