If you are here, this means that you’re either a website building pro or already on the road to becoming one. Whatever the case, we are here to explain how you can manage multiple websites in one place.

We suggest checking out this Video Tutorial, while you may also find the following instructions pretty helpful and engaging when managing your websites created on our platform.

To get started, click the Menu button in the top right corner and then click ‘My Sites’. You can view your websites in list or grid view, the way you prefer.

You'll find all your websites grouped in two sections, at beck and call: 'My Sites' and 'Invited', the sites you've started yourself and the ones you've been invited to collaborate as a Team Member.

Check the upper right corner of every website to see its status: Active, Trial Active or Expired.

Just hover over your websites and you'll notice options to 'Edit', 'Preview' or 'Delete' them, or to 'Leave' in case of the Invited sites.

Clicking 'Edit' will move you to the Edit Mode of your website, where you can start further improving your site straight away.

You can also add a new one by clicking 'Create a new website' and choosing the desired template from the category you prefer: Landing Pages, Websites or eCommerce.

This is the right place to have an overview of all the work you’ve done and a good starting point for planning your future activities. 

We have no doubts that you’ll manage all your websites like a boss, but if you hit any bump on the road, don’t hesitate to let us know via Chat in the lower right corner, and our Support Team will be there to guide you through!

We suggest checking out our Help Section as well for more insightful articles and a bigger view at Ucraft and the opportunities available.

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