Once you've signed up (or signed in), you're all set to manage your account and give your experience a more personalized vibe. To do so, we suggest customizing your profile by adding your info, uploading your photo, etc. just in a few clicks.

All you need to do is go to the Home page and click the ‘Profile' Icon in the top right corner.
Here and now, move to Account Settings and get started:

The settings are grouped into six different sections: Profile, Password, Billing, Subscriptions, Notifications and Refer a friend

The first section covers your Profile Information, so feel free to edit your Name and the Email, everything associated with the account.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about your profile pic. Just click on the circle above your name and upload your favorite one. 

Easy, right? 

The next step is all about your Password, so you can change it by simply entering your current password and confirming the new one!
Forgot your Password? Don't worry, you can reset it in not time following the instructions here.

What about moving to some more serious stuff? On the tab below, you’ll find your Billing options.

Here you’ll get all the important information regarding your current Billing Details, Payment Methods along with the Billing History.

To check all your current subscriptions move to the Subscriptions tab. 

Click on the website name for more insight on the Start Date, Next Charge Date and more.

You can check the list of your subscriptions' status, trial expiration dates, etc. 

Now let’s quickly jump into Notifications section. Here you can opt-in or opt-out from receiving occasional emails about Ucraft new products, promotions and other updates.

Are you ready to get rewarded by suggesting the cool tool you're using to your friends? Sure you are!
Just use the referral link from the Refer a friend tab to grant discounts and to receive bonuses.  

*Important moment on Pricing and Billing at Ucraft

There are three main website packages available: Landing Pages, Websites and eCommerce Websites.

Free Landing Pages

You can go with the FREE Landing Page Templates offered by Ucraft to create an engaging one-page website in minutes. All you need to do is select a Landing Page Template right here and get a free yoursitename.ucraft.me subdomain.

Websites and eCommerce Websites

When it comes to creating full websites and online stores, Ucraft offers a Website and eCommerce plans you should opt for.

You can always take a 14-day Free Trial for the paid plans to explore all of the great features included in the builder. Keep in mind, that if you have started with a Landing Page and have taken the Trial, downgrading back to the free plan after the Trial period expires is not an option. In order to continue with that website you will need to purchase the Plan you've chosen respectively. However, you can always take a step back and create a new Landing Page, you will just need to start from the very beginning.   

Jump to the Pricing page for more info on our pricing models :)

Let's get back to the payments and check how the billing works!

Once you've connected a Payment Method to your Account, you'll be automatically billed on the Next Charge date on monthly or annual bases depending on the subscription plan you've chosen.
To cancel your subscription, simply hit the button in the lower right corner, while in case you don't want the automatic billing work for you, we suggest turning the Auto-renew option off from your settings. Easy as that!

If you've changed your mind and decided to remove your account completely, just hit Delete Account from the General Account Settings.

*Please note, that your Ucraft Account along with all your Data and Sites will be deleted, so think twice :)

You can also manage/add Payment Methods to your Account and keep track of your Payment History here.

It’s may be blank now in case you don't have any paid plans active at the moment, but once you start creating sites, you’ll see all your subscriptions in one place.
After you've purchased one of the Plans available on Ucraft, you can download the Invoice here as well.

If there’s anything that you might find confusing about your current plan or billing, don’t hesitate to let us know through the Chat box in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be there to help!

Make the most out of your experience and don't miss the rest of the Articles for a bigger view at Ucraft and the opportunities available!

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