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Every brand has its identifier – the logo. Ucraft Logo Maker App allows you to create your own unique logo absolutely for free in no time at all.

To start crafting, sign in, navigate to the Menu bar in the upper right corner and click ‘Free Logo Maker’. 

To launch the Logo Maker, click ‘Craft Your Logo’ and turn on your imagination!

You can also open the app from the ‘Dashboard’ on the Tools Panel and go to the Logo Maker App.

 Another option is finding  the logo icon of your selected template and choose “Create Logo”.

Move the pointer to the Side Panel to start the design process and to specify the general logo structure. It may contain icons, text elements and shapes.

You can create a perfect combination of these three, add multiple elements, change the size and the shape as well as add color. Make sure that your future logo vision matches your business! 

The logos with iconic design are the most popular ones, so here we go!

To select an icon, click “Icon” on the Side Panel and pick the desired one from the thousands of options available or pick a standard Shape. 

To make the choice easier, you may type related niches to the Search Box. Don’t forget to use the scroll to see all the existing icons. 

The chosen Icon will appear on the Crafting Area.

To change the size of the icon, move the pointer to the corner of the icon box, hold and drag it. To rotate the icon click the rotate tool above.

Now it’s time to make your future logo brighter. To change the color of the icon, click the circle icon at the bottom of the Logo Maker Window. 

Move the pointer to select the shade and the opacity.

 You can also insert the Color Code instead of 0’s to get the exact one you prefer.

The colors used recently are shown at the bottom of the Dialog Window. 

The next important component is the Text. To add Text, navigate to the Side Bar. 

Double click the Sample Text to edit it. Be original and play around the name of your brand.

Click the Text Element, the Editing Tools above will enable making the text colorful or changing the font and size of the Text from the dropdown menu. 

You can also make the letters Bold, Italic, Underlined or Capital from the same panel.

If you’re using multiple elements, you can set their layout clicking the Layers’ icons on the panel above. 

To delete a certain element, simply click on it and press the Trash icon.

Once you’re done creating the logo of your dreams, feel free to make it really yours! 

Press the Export Logo button and you’ll see how your brand new logo looks in different printed formats. 

Click Download Logo to save it to your PC.

You can also share your creation on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Linkedin using the social icons on the bottom. 

Now, when you have an original logo, you can click Create a Website with your logo and discover the Ucraft Website Builder!

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