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This designer tool is used to add and edit all the buttons and fields of your website.
Click the ‘UiKit’ button. Don’t forget to use the scroll to fully see the site element.

To create a new button, click the New Button Area, enter the button type and push ‘Save’.

To edit the site element, click it and go to settings.

Move pointers to change font size, weight and letter spacing. Click the Arrow to open Border/Sizes/Color/Color Hover settings.

If you click the Border Arrow, you may change the border radius and width. Just move the pointers. If the lock is opened, you can change every corner separately. If the lock is closed, then all corners are changed simultaneously.

If you push the Sizes Arrow, you can change the height, width and padding of the button by moving the pointers. Mind the position of the lock.

To change the Background Color, Border and Text/Color Hover, click the Color/Color Hover Arrow and push the circle icon.

Move the pointers and select the color shades and opacity level.

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